V1 Hybrid

PERON STG3 V1 Hybrid Turbo Kit + Tuning - Ford Fiesta ST 1.6T (98RON FUEL)

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PERON STG3 V1 tuning package.

PERON V1 hybrid turbo features:

  • Billet compressor wheel upgrade
  • Turbine wheel upgrade
  • 7 degree cutback to turbine exducer for higher flow capacity
  • Porting of wastegate hole for greater boost control @ higher RPM
  • Flowing of the turbine housing inlet to allow higher throughput
  • Flowing of compressor cover inlet
  • CNC machining of compressor and turbine housing to fit the larger wheels
  • Fitment of our motorsport 360 thrust bearing for higher boost capacity
  • Fitment of Turbosmart IWG75 fully adjustable actuator
  • PERON proven to make 240whp* and 296lbft* with supporting hardware
  • Available as Exchange or Outright purchase - Refundable £500 deposit on Exchange units which will be taken separately and refunded on return of old unit

Hardware required for PERON STG3 V1 to work optimally:

Fits all EU / Asia 2013 and newer Ford Fiesta ST 1.6T

* Figures stated were achieved using a Dynojet Dyno using the PERON Development vehicle.